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Welcome. My name is Noah. I am a young and passionate programmer. My day always seems to revolve around technology until one moment when I was introduced into Robotics, then the world was flipped upside down. I made the robots and computer systems revolve around me. Even to this day I still engage with my roots that set me on this amazing path of robots and programming inspired by FIRST. A lot of what I know now has sprouted from the first day I joined a robotics team. Ever since then I have made discoveries into other languages for computer programming and learned everything my self by reading documentation from sources like PHP Docs, Go Docs, RFC, Java Docs, W3School, YouTube (Assorted Users and Seminars), and other peers and people that I have communicated with online.

In my spare time I take my time looking at new Ideas as well as coming up with new ways to use technology while not breaking what the main use case it was designed for. I also mess with Open Source software and operating systems such as FreeNAS, PFSense and Citrix XenServer.


Computer Programmer

June 2019 - Present
SecureCoders, Remote

At SecureCoders Noah is a full time developer working on projects that includes but is not limited to Desktop Applications, Websites and Web Apps.

Mentor: Programming Mentor

2019 - Present
FRC Velocity 5420, Bridgeton NJ

My role on the team is to manage the programming section of the robotics team. I am responsible to teach the students so the know how to use modern technologies and be able to use source code version control systems. The students are encouraged to take the learned skills that are targeted for robotics and use them to grow. By using my past knowledge on the team, I have rounded my self to be a universal person to help wherever I can when it comes to the robot building process.

  • 2020–2021: Infinite Recharge
  • 2019–2020: FIRST DESTINATION: Deep Space (Current, My Last year as a Student :[ )

Service Desk Technician

July 2018 - July 2019
Green Technology Services, Salem County NJ

At Green Tech I am responsible for taking phone calls and resolving problems via phone as well as connecting to their machine, and handling tickets created by users as well as walk in jobs such as Upgrading a machine and migrating data.

Also my role was to go on site to install or repair machines and do updates to the machine that are unable to be completed remotely (IE: BIOS Updates, Hardware Upgrades).

Information Technology Technician

2017 - Present
South Jersey Robotics Inc, Southern NJ

At SJ Robotics Noah manages the Communications between teams and other organizations to help make a more uniform system across all FIRST Robotics teams that are partnered with SJR.

Google Admin

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Feb. 2018 - June 2018
Appel Farm Arts & Music Center, Bridgeton NJ

At FTC (Families to College) I teach high school kids how to program in a selected language, selected at the beginning of the course, in this case Java was selected. The kids are learning java as well as git CLI, with linux. The kids are also learning how to take the skills they learn in this course to program a robot to do a basic task.

Student: Team Coach, Programmer

2014 - 2019
FRC Velocity 5420, Bridgeton NJ

My role on the team is to work with people and introduce them (if they are new) to the tools that we have, show them around the shop, show them the procedures that we have in place for safety and security or themselves and the peer around them. I also am the team programmer where I program in Either LabVIEW or Java (C++ is another language but I have not taken the leap yet.), I did start in LabVIEW but I did transition to Java as it is more common in StackOverflow and Robotics as well as it has more libraries.

  • 2018–2019: FIRST DESTINATION: Deep Space (Current, My Last year as a Student :[ )
  • 2017–2018: FIRST Power Up
  • 2016–2017: FIRST Steamworks
  • 2015–2016: FIRST Stronghold
  • 2014–2015: Recycle Rush (partial season)

Student: Team Coach, Programmer

2013 - 2015
FTC EngiNerds 7071, Bridgeton NJ

On this team I was the Team Leader which was making sure the team was on the right path or was at least always making an effort to be on top. As the programmer I worked with a person from the Navy, he worked for Novell-Micro Focus as a Dedicated Support Engineer, together we worked to program a robot in the RobotC software that was a IDE to program in the C language.

  • 2014–2015: Cascade Effect
  • 2013–2014: Block Party!


Most of my projects are filed as The Unlicense or MIT Licesnse.

Webhook Cooridinator - This is a PHP library for interacting with Slack and Discord webhook APIs as well leaving it open for others to build their own webhook Event and use this package.
Inventory System for JP Diagnostics - A Private Project for a business that wants a system to manage inventory stock as well as keeping track of purchase orders.
HowTo4IT - Another Person and myself are working together to make a system to manage Articles or How Tos' for companies and provide security. So this system manages instructions for the top most security essential systems and provides one unified system to operate it all in.
Product and Ordering System - This system is for my School. It will keep stock of the items and allow for clients to do ordering as well as have a monitor display for orders in processing as well as a chat system incorporated into it for live communications.
Scratch Card System - This is a personal project that I have that I am used in SHP (Sea Hag Pearls) for customers to buy but it was not good enough so I have taken the project down to improve and make it better for everyone.


Any courses that I have taken or programs that I have enrolled in that have verified me in anything would be entered here.

Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification - Hurricane Electric Free IPv6 Tunnel Broker. The Hurricane Electric IPv6 certification service enables you test your IPv6 skills. Every day users take certification tests and improve their knowledge of IPv6 and increase their score and level.
Solarwinds MSP, RMM Academy Foundations - Become a SolarWinds® Remote Monitoring & Management (SolarWinds RMM) Certified Specialist. Remote Management Foundations is an introductory training session for the RMM platform. Learn how to navigate the Dashboard, deploy agents, and configure features with ease.
Granted this is a Cert of Completion, I use RMM at my current job, Green Tech, to manage all of our client devices from Back up and Restore to AV Defender for Anti-Virus.
Solarwinds MSP Backup, Backup Academy Foundations - Become a SolarWinds® Backup and Recovery Certified Specialist. The training consists of two x 1 hour modules where you will learn how to operate and manage Backup and Recovery.
Granted this is a Cert of Completion, I use RMM at my current job, Green Tech, to manage all of our client devices from Back up and Restore to AV Defender for Anti-Virus.
IT Glue - IT Glue™ is award-winning IT documentation software designed to help you maximize the efficiency, transparency and consistency of your team. Explore IT Glue and you'll find everything you need to streamline the creation and up-keep of IT documentation.

Skills & Proficiency

Team Skills




Citrix ZenCenter





Networking (VLANs, Unify, Dell Switches, PFSense)

ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Control (Formerly known as ScreenConnect)

N-Able, RMM

Helpful Links - Good place to find some code in JS that does the same in jQuery.
Bootstrap - Very Easy way to design a website and simple to use across all platforms and frameworks.
CodeAnywhere - Atom.IO like Code Editor but All online. It has SFTP and SSH connections as well as FTP + 1 Free Container to work on your code.
Linode - Cheap basic hosting with a few bells and Whistles. Starting at $2.50
Vultr - Good Cheap Hosting with advanced systems that include APIs, Images, SSH Keys startup Scripts and more. Starting at $2.50 (IPV6 Only), 3.50 (Both)
Digital Ocean - Good Hosting on Large websites and more advanced systems that include APIs, Images, Kubernetes, SSH Keys auto import, etc. Starting at $5.00
Lets Encrypt - Free and Secure SSL Certificates that can be used to secure your own website with little to no work needed to make it work.