Career Profile

Welcome. My name is Noah. My day always seems to revolve around technology until one moment when I was introduced into Robotics, then the world was flipped upside down. I made the robots and computer systems revolve around me. Even to this day I still engage with my roots that set me on this amazing path of robots and programming inspired by FIRST. A lot of what I know now has sprouted from the first day I joined a robotics team. Ever since then I have made discoveries into other languages for computer programming and learned everything my self by reading documentation from sources like PHP Docs, Go Docs, RFC, Java Docs, W3School, YouTube (Assorted Users and Seminars), and other peers and people that I have communicated with online.

In my spare time I take my time looking at new Ideas as well as coming up with new ways to use technology while not breaking what the main use case it was designed for. I also mess with Open Source software and operating systems such as FreeNAS, PFSense and Citrix XenServer.


Most of my projects are filed as The Unlicense or MIT Licesnse.
  I also try to contribute to other open sorce projects.
  You can find them listed on my github profile.

Inventory System for JP Diagnostics - A Private Project for a business that wants a system to manage inventory stock as well as keeping track of purchase orders.
HowTo4IT - This is a side project that a friend and myself are working on in our free time to create software that can help solve problems with less of a scatterbrain approach.
Webhook Cooridinator - This is a PHP library for interacting with Slack and Discord webhook APIs as well leaving it open for others to build their own webhook Event and use this package.